Haai Inc. Shark Encounter

The only traveling shark show in the United States welcomes you.

One look into the eyes of a live shark and you know the heart pounding awe and fascination experienced by our visitors. Sharks have captured our imagination for thousands of years, stirring the fears and fascination of ocean goers, researchers and scientists. Their legacy has been as misunderstood as it has been “old and bloody”. Now more than ever the importance of understanding this fascinating species is critical for its survival. Come to learn and be entertained at the Haai, Inc. Live Shark Experience.

The show begins…

The infamous “JAWS” music begins the show as the hydraulic door to the 5000 gallon aquarium slowly rises with smoke billowing from below. As the smoke clears the sharks appear swimming within the tank. The diver, Philip Peters will provide educational and entertaining information about the sharks before entering the tank. Each show provides an opportunity for a young member of the audience to be involved with the show! After watching the sharks for any aggressive behavior, the diver cautiously comes into close contact with the creature that elicits more fear and fascination than any other creature in the sea.

While the diver is in the tank our announcer “Captain Rick” shares more information about sharks and explains the actions of the diver.

Once the show concludes the audience is invited for a close up view of the sharks and the staff will be on hand to answer any questions the public has.

This unique traveling exhibit is safe, exciting and surprisingly affordable. Team professional are dedicated to providing your event with an attraction that will thrill visitors as well as draw positive media coverage from TV, Radio and Newspapers. The wholesome educational approach is a welcome venue for event sponsors and promoters alike.


“The sharks were an amazing addition to our festival.  They created quite the buzz around town in the weeks leading up to our event.  We had a great turnout at the festival and our patrons particularly enjoyed the shark show.”

Meg Rainey – Auburn CityFest, Auburn Alabama

“The Sharks were GREAT! Philip and his crew really have it down, very low maintenance, professional and very enthusiastic. I would recommend them for any event.”

John Julian – Big Eastern Expo

“Everything worked great. I was impressed with the new look of the Shark show, Philip was great to work with and was very accommodating with requests to meet the press. You can certainly use me as a reference.”

Darryl Ruston – Events & Facility Manager, Red River Exhibition Park

Find out why so many have called the Live Shark Encounter

The Ultimate Attraction!